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Plain text version of manifesto

Re-Elect Malia

For a Liberated and Transformative Union

Last year, you elected me on a platform that promised to take the fight to the Government, establish broad coalitions across society, and put liberation at the heart of everything we do. It has been my privilege to do just that.

From demos and lobbies to toolkits and strikes, I’ve worked to put forward our vision of a free, liberated and accessible education. I’ve built relationships with trade unions, academic groups, local and national campaigns, as well as our international counterparts to amplify our collective voice.

This year, we’ve been working for a movement that can take on the challenges students face, and the work is far from over. The tasks ahead of us require every student to take part. In my months in office, I have led the process of transforming our movement and empowering our grassroots.

Now, I’m asking you to re-elect me so we can continue this work, together.

Defend Education

Students and staff across post-16 education are engaged in the fight of our lives, against the HE Bill, with area reviews and funding cuts in FE. NUS has been, and must continue to be, at the forefront of the campaign to save education.

In my time as your president, NUS has

* Organised, for the first time since 2010, a national demonstration for education alongside the Universities and Colleges Union.

* Kept FE at the centre of our work by prioritising area reviews in officer training, in our regional networks, and encouraging joint-projects between FE and HE unions.

* Lobbied for and won significant amendments to the HE and Research Bill.

* Launched the NSS boycott to send a strong message against the marketisation of education.

* Worked alongside the UCU and NUT in the ‘Invest Don’t Cut’ campaign for schools and colleges.

Re-elect me and I will

* Continue to work with trade unions to halt job cuts and college closures in FE.

* Strengthen the continued pressure on the government to defeat the Higher Education Bill.

* Continue to build a broad, sector-wide coalition for a truly public and accessible post-16 education.

* Support NUS Wales’ voting at 16 campaign.

* Support NUS Scotland’s campaign for fairer funding both in FE and for EU international students.

Liberation at the centre of everything we do

Last year I promised to put liberation at the heart of our union. In the aftermath of the EU referendum this work has become all the more crucial.

As your president, I have:

* Launched the Students Not Suspects helpline and undertook research into Prevent.

* Developed an action plan to tackle hate crime delivering roundtables, toolkits and a national summit, creating an effective response to an ever-growing issue.

* Worked with student faith groups to organise inter-faith events.

* Developed resources and projects for liberating the curriculum.

* Undertook ground-breaking research and training to tackle sexual abuse and harassment within education and our SUs.

* Launched the Race Matters strategy.

* Championed accessible and culturally competent mental health support – including for part-time, mature, disabled, Black, international, FE, and students with caring responsibilities.

* Worked to build anti-deportation networks, and co-organised the ‘One Day Without Us’ migrant strike.

* Continued to support the creation of a full-time Trans Officer, making NUS the first organisation in Europe to elect to this position and ensure the inclusion of Trans rights and representation in our work.

Re-elect me and I will:

* Use our national Prevent research to hold a national campaign and lobby in Parliament.

* Facilitate a national network providing anti-deportation and welfare support for international students.

* Develop, alongside the nations, a unified campaign to safeguard existing funding and agreements for EU students post-brexit.

* Ensure that work on Prevent meets the specific policy contexts of the nations.

* Support the campaign for free and accessible abortions for all in Northern Ireland.

* Campaign for better mental health services.

Building a strong, grassroots-led union

To resist the attacks on education and fight for liberation across society, we must examine our internal democratic structures, and ensure that all students can access their national union.

As your president I have led on:

* Overseeing the work of the governance review, ensuring NEC, student and officer participation.

* Demanding an Institutional Racism Review and ensuring the implementation of its recommendations.

* #NoSpaceforHate to tackle racist, sexist, homophobic and ableist bullying on social media.

* Established regional networks across the UK to bring NUS to students, running events from Housing Summits, to Widening Participation Conferences and ‘It Stops Here’ days of action.

Re-elect me and I will:

* Support the regional work of our union to increase local participation, cooperation, and resource-sharing.

* Ensure that the governance review strengthens the grassroots of our movement and improves democracy, accountability and accessibility.

* Improve the culture of debate, accountability and engagement both online and offline.

* Create further links with the sector and beyond to make sure we are present and heard in all the spaces where we want to create positive change

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