Defending Education

Defending Education: Students and staff across post-16 education are engaged in the fight of our lives, against the HE Bill, with area reviews and funding cuts in FE. NUS has been, and must continue to be, at the forefront of the campaign to save
education. Find out about what I have been doing to fight for our education and about my plans if you once again put your trust in me and re-elect me for nus president at #NUSConference


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Malia’s Manifesto

Defending Education:

In my time as your president, NUS has

* Organised, for the first time since 2010, a national demonstration for education alongside the Universities and Colleges Union.

* Kept FE at the centre of our work by prioritising area reviews in officer training, in our regional networks, and encouraging joint-projects between FE and HE unions.

* Lobbied for and won significant amendments to the HE and Research Bill.

* Launched the NSS boycott to send a strong message against the marketisation of education.

* Worked alongside the UCU and NUT in the ‘Invest Don’t Cut’ campaign for schools and colleges.

Re-elect me and I will:

* Continue to work with trade unions to halt job cuts and college closures in FE.

* Strengthen the continued pressure on the government to defeat the Higher Education Bill.

* Continue to build a broad, sector-wide coalition for a truly public and accessible post-16 education.

* Support NUS Scotland’s campaign for fairer funding both in FE and for EU international students.


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